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We care for you, and .....arrange a couple of "unique" extras.
Delphi & Meteora - 2 DAYS TOUR .... from 120.00 euro p.p.

One of the most popular tours. Every year, more than 1,000,000 people visit the Meteora.
There isn't a dull moment visiting these two memorable UNESCO sites.

From April to October - this tour is organized on Mondays/Wednesdays/Thursdays and selected Saturdays.
From November to March - the tour is organized ONLY on Wednesdays.

Single/double or triple bedroom accommodation in 3 & 4 star hotel, with dinner & breakfast, and
For couples travelling with one child under 12, the child travels free of charge, in 4 star hotels.

DAY 1: 08.45am, depart from Athens, taking a 3 hrs scenic drive via the rural towns of THEBES (town of the legendary Oedipus), LEVADIA (short stop) and ARACHOVA, to arrive in DELPHI, the site that we call "one of the "Temple-Banks" of Greece, situated on a mountain terrace, and considered as "the centre of the universe" at 11.30am.
Here, with the tour guide you will explore the legendary site of the Oracle and the sanctuary of god Apollo.
(N.B. The tour allows you enough time to visit the ancient site ONLY.
However, this is where we get involved and by paying 7.00 euro extra you can visit and spend one hour in the Delphi archaeological museum. Are you interested? We can organize it.)

13.30 The group will proceed for lunch, and at +/- 14.45 will depart via AMPHISSA, LAMIA and TRIKALA for Kalampaka, the town situated below the Meteora.
(Between 13.15 and 14.15 you may visit the Delphi museum and with our taxi reconnect with the group at the restaurant).
Arrival in Kalampaka at +/- 19.00. Dinner & Overnight.

(An optional but very popular sunrise photo trip: Wake up early in the morning and try to capture a "unique" sunrise. Our taxi driver will pick you up for a SUNRISE trip over the impressive hill-top monasteries. The cost is 20.00 euro per hour, shared between the passengers of the taxi).

DAY 2: 09.00 am. After breakfast drive to the METEORA, and visit two of the monasteries, open on the day of your visit.
After lunch the drive back to Athens starts, and on the way, we stop at
THERMOPYLAE, the area where the famous battle between the Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 Spartan soldiers against the huge Persian army of Xerxes 480 B.C. took place. The monument to Leonidas and the 300 cypress trees reminds us of the sacrifice of the heroic Spartans. The words "Molon Lave" translated as "come and get them" is written at the base of the statue. This was Leonidas's answer when Xerxes asked him to surrender his weapons. After the battle, opposite the memorial, a stone plaque was placed: "Stranger, tell the Spartans that we lay here obedient to the laws of Sparta".
Arrive in Athens at +/- 19.00 and be dropped off either at the terminal or at your hotel.

END of a memorable tour!! However, remember to come back in the future. The area has plenty more to show to you.
When you first visit it, you don't expect such a beauty. The second time you follow the paths, explore it, and get a strange, sensational feeling.

* April - Oct: Choose the Wednesday departure, pay 49.00 euro per person, stay 1 extra day in a 3 star hotel in Kalambaka,
and visit the monasteries on your own, or, take the morning or afternoon tour organized by our local office.
** Nov - March: Pay 75.00 euro per person, stay 1 extra day in a 4 star hotel in Kalambaka, visit the monasteries on your own, or,
take the morning or afternoon tour organized by our local office, and return on Friday's afternoon train at 17.32.

METEORA, the "art of Nature" is a rocky forest, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In 1995 the Hellenic government declared it a " sacred area", belonging to all and protected from any change or interference. The huge rocks were formed millions of years ago, from a mixture of sand, stones, pebbles and hard gravel, when the three rivers that came to the lake, brought all kinds of raw materials. The petrified pillars of METEORA are extraordinary, with horizontal stripes and strange shapes, reaching 600 m tall. What makes them even more remarkable are the exquisite monasteries, built by hermits during the 9th c. AD, at the pinnacles of the rocks. For centuries these towers of sandstone provided cliff-top retreat for the monks.

Sit at the edge of one of these massive rocks, and let your mind travel millions of years back, when the big lake covered the whole valley. As a result of a very strong earthquake, the water went into the Aegean Sea, and the lake dried out, recovering all this natural beauty that you see in front of you today. This is the most probable explanation of how all these rocks were formed. You will confront a geological phenomenon which is universally unique, where words like, "admire, unexplainable, impressive" that are said in many writings describe its size, only to a point.

The tour price includes:

You will admit that, we offer the lowest price. Remember to come back, and make your booking with us.

*** Visit Meteora on an "independent, train trip".One day tour, 2 days package trip, and 2 days in Kalampaka plus 1 in Delphi.
See all the options to visit Meteora from 44.00 euro p.p. organized daily.

See our discounted rates. You are one step before making your booking, CONTACT US..

Choose a hotel in Athens, get a quotation, but let us book it and pay the special "in package" rate for your tours.

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