2 days Meteora by train

Meteora monasteries.
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2 days excursion to Meteora by train

In a region of inaccessible sandstone peaks, monks found protection and settled here from the 10th c. onwards. More than a million people visit Meteora every year and admire this "unique" natural phenomenon.
At night, artificially lighted, give the meteora rocks an other worldy appearance. The Meteora in all their grandeur.
Sit at the edge of one of the rocks, and let your mind travel million years back and imagine that you wet your foot in the water of a big lake. A lake covering the whole Thessalian valley. Look at the horizon and imagine the lake drying gradually, recovering all this natural beauty in front of you.
This is the most probable option of how all these were created. You are in front of a geological phenomenon universally unique, where words like admire, unexplainable, impressing which we usually find in many writtings can describe it's size only to one point.

Concerning the monasteries, do not hurry. Spend as much time as you can and walk around the area. The slow pace of the walker makes it possible to experience what is around one. Walking on the same paths worn by the feet of holy men as far back as the 11th c will you be able to see a different aspect of the Meteora. Notice how they are built and how you can reach them by bridges or stairs in the rocks. Look at them from below. Look at the details on the rocks of Meteora, wonder how the first monks managed to scale such heights, and imagine the visitors trepidation, as he was hauled up like a netted fish.
Today only 6 monasteries are open to the public, one better than the other with a lot of religious treasures. Visit them, enjoy the view and we hope that Meteora will be the highlight of your trip to Greece.

Take the train from Athens Train Station at 07:20 (Larissa Station) to Kalambaka.
Arrive in Kalambaka at 11:30. Meet our driver and get a transfer to your hotel.
You will be picked up from your hotel for the SUNSET tour.
After the tour you will be dropped off at your hotel.
Next morning at 09:00 join the Morning Tour or the Hiking Tour (your choice).
For 4 hours you will tour Meteora and the monasteries.
After your morning activity you get ready for departure back to Athens.
The train departs at 17:15 and arrives in Athens at 21:30.


* B class roundtrip train ticket
* One night 3* hotel accommodation with breakfast
* Pickup from Kalambaka Train Station to your hotel.
* Sunset Meteora Tour – (1st day)
* Morning OR Hiking Meteora Tour – (2nd day)
* English speaking tour Leader
* VIP Mini Bus for the tour
* Pickup / Drop off in Kalambaka
* Free WI FI on the bus


* Transfer to/from the train Station in Athens.
* Entrance fees to Monasteries (3 € each)
* Guidance inside the Holy Monasteries
* Hotel tax paid by clients (1.5€ day/room 3* hotel , 3€ day/room 4* hotel)
* Meals and drinks

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