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0rganized guided bus tours in Greece.
Let me put you in the picture.

Being a travel agent for more than 42 years and an IATA travel consultant since 1989 I came to the conclusion that most of my clients do not know what happens with the organization of the guided bus tours, and in their messages they refer to "your tour". It is not "mine" or, another travel agent's tour.
In all the big cities, there is a number of Tour Operators that organize these guided sightseeing tours and all the travel agents, locals and from abroad, sell these tours, usually at discounted prices, meaning that you save money by buying your tours, after a careful search at discounted prices, from a travel agent.
This is what happens in Athens, too. The 3 big Greek Tour Operators, G.O. TOURS CHAT TOURS, KEY TOURS, organize the guided tours and we, the travel agents, promote them and sell them. All three Tour Operators use modern air conditioned buses, extremely knowledgeable professional tour guides, and selected hotels. They are good organizers, they are organizing these tours for a long time, and are highly experienced. Looking at the descriptions of the tours, they all look the same, they follow the same routes, programs and most times, they use the same hotels. Reading the comments in the trip advisor about them, you will find very good, good, average, but you may also find a couple of negative comments. You cannot have everybody satisfied. A common, but unreasonable complain, is about the free pick up service in the morning. It starts at 07.30am, takes a long time and drives through Athens. Unfortunately a pick up service cannot be done otherwise, and usually the people that are to be picked up are not ready on time. The only way to avoid this early pick up, is to get to the bus terminal on your own way.

WHY DO YOU SEE DIFFERENT SELLING PRICES? The Tour Operators suggest a selling price, but travel agents decide their selling prices adding a % of profit. Some agents prefer to sell at the suggested price counting on their well known brand name, and their attractive website , other smaller ones by offering a lower price, and better service. The result is that who ever from you buy your tour, you will end up sitting in one of the 3 T.O. buses, you, paying a lower price, next to somebody that paid the full price. The service that you get by the Tour Operator in either case, is exactly the same. The decision, where to buy your tour from, is yours. If, following your market research, you are attracted by the website, or, the comments about a certain Tour Operator, do not hesitate to request your booking with the Tour operator of your choice, paying our discounted rate. You are not losing. On the contrary, you gain the difference. Select one of the Tour Operators but buy the tour from a travel agent getting a better rate. Your criteria should be the reliability of the agent, how many years he's being in the market, and the way and speed he replies and responds to your request.

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