Mykonos has an atmosphere of its own. Many rich and famous people visit the island and it has a much more cosmopolitan feel to it. However, it also retains a lot of the traditional Greek atmosphere as well. In the harbour you can see luxury yachts next to old fishing boats. On land you'll see donkeys carrying produce walking past jet set fashion models.

The island became famous thanks to the nearby ruins of Delos as well.
The main town is Mykonos Town. The town is interesting because the "roads" are more like meandering paths through a maze, intentionally designed to be confusing to the invading pirates!

Mykonos is also famous for its traditional windmills and its beautiful beaches; Paradise Beach near Platis Gialos and the Super Paradise beach are two of the best-known beaches.

The island of Delos. This island was the most holy island because it was believed that Apollo was born here. Historically speaking it was an important site.
It was the second most holy place in the ancient Greek world--second only to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.
Delos was a large financial and religious center and the ruins that are there are very extensive and simply magnificent.
It is as impressive in its own way as the Acropolis in Athens.
 In our opinion, Delos by itself makes Mykonos a necessary stop on any Greek trip. Walking through the town, it feels like you are back in time.
The sites you will see on Delos include:
the Temple of Apollo | the Delian Lions | Cleopatra's House | the Sacred Way | the Sacred Lake | and the ancient theater, among a number of other sights.

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