Cape Sounion

33.00 + entrance fees


Apr-Oct = daily, 15:00 – 19:00
Nov-Mar = Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat, 14:30-18:30

Drive along the coast passing the sandy beaches of GLYFADA, VOULIAGMENI, VARKIZA and the countless coves.
Crowning feature of the tour is Cape SOUNION dominated by the Temple of POSSEIDON. The unknown architect is probably the same one who built Theseion in the Ancient Agora of Athens. He decorated the temple with sculptures made of marble from Paros Island. The sculptures depicted the labours of Theseus as well as battles with Centaurs and Giants (Gigantomahy). The remaining sculptures are showcased in the Lavrio Museum whereas the impressive kouroi [male youths] that once stood in the temple yard are now on display in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.
Notice the Doric columns, count their flutes and you will see that they are less in number than those on other temples of the same period (mid 5th c. BC). This feature is also found in other seaside ancient temples, such as in the Temple of Aphaea in Aegina.

The ancient Greeks knew the energetic properties of Sounion. The temple is literally a battery charger. A place that makes you reminisce the splendour of Ancient Greece! Walk around the temple, find a spot on a rock and renew all your body's energy. You will feel brand new for weeks after.
Learn the myth of the Cretan monster Minotaur, the Athenian hero Thesseus, and his father Aegeas after whom the Aegean sea was named.

Beautiful colours at sunset, and the Temple of Poseidon at the top of the hill.
If you want to experience a beautiful sunset the tour to Sounion can be organised as a private tour.

Nov-Mar: 33 + 4 (entry fee) = 37 €
Apr-Oct: 33 + 8 (entry fee) = 41 €
E.U. students + E.U.juniors <26 = No entry fee
E.U. >65 and other students pay 4 € entry fee


  • Pick up / drop off service
  • Air-conditioned bus
  • Professional Tour guide
  • Entrance fee

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