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Our local partner is METEORA THRONES

Meteora is a unique site, a complex of sandstone rocks listed in UNESCO’s Sites. It is the second largest monastic site in Greece. 6 of the original 24 monasteries are still open to the public. The history and myths are endless, as are the paths to explore this unique area. Visit sites which tell the story of the region like the Badovas and the surrounding caves. Description In the 3.30 hour SUNSET TOUR, organized by our partner in Kalampaka, you visit either the ROUSSANOU, or, the St. STEPHEN'S nunnery, the old Byzantine church of Mother Mary in Kalambaka, and the 1,000 years old hermitages and cave dwellings of Badova. You may combine 2 local tous, the Sunset Tour with the Morning Tour or the Meteora Hiking Tour for a full day experience. The tour leaders are local guys willing to share their knowledge. Follow well paved paths and hear the history and legends of the area.

Starting at +/- 16.00 the tour will take you to places that only the locals know. Enjoy amazing views, learn about the history, and traditions of the place. High up on the rocks, you will see the 1,000 years old Bandovas', the cave dwellings on the rocks, and learn the history of the very old Byzantine church, built on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to god Apollo. The Dormition of Mother Mary in Kalampaka is one of the oldest churches in Greece, a real monument of special Byzantine architecture. On the rocks, the driver will stop on a flat opening, from where you can take dozens of photos of a beautiful sunset. When the sun reaches the mountains at the background, a complete silence is all you hear, and that is the moment that you understand why Meteora was chosen by the monks to live in the caves and later build the monasteries here.

PRICE p.p. 25.00 €

Morning HIKING TOUR at Meteora
Distance: 8 km | Duration: 4 hrs | Difficulty: Easy. If you are an active person you should join this tour. The hiking tour is suitable for everybody: inexperienced and experienced hikers, aged 15+ and 65+

Step off the tourist trail and discover the routes that most visitors do not get to see. You follow the tour leader on a leisurely hike in the narrow but well marked path that leads into the valleys set on the foothill of the great rocks all the way to the Grand Meteoro Monastery, the highest one on the coblestone rocks. Along the way, you pass from the out of the way Ypapanti monastery and some of the smaller rock abandoned monasteries, and listen to fascinating commentary about the formation and history of this unique site.
There is a number of hiking paths in the area, some are more difficult than others. The routes chosen to follow are not too difficult. Wear the proper shoes and be careful where you step, other than that it is a great experience to become one with the nature.
"Go hiking in Meteora" and experience a unique convergence of nature and spirituality unlike any other place in Greece. Discover and follow the paths of the monks. See the monasteries and landscape from a different perspective.
The views of the town of Kalampaka at the base of the rocks and the valley of Pineios river are stunning. A visit to a monastery (Great Meteoron or Varlaam) is included.
The Professional Hiking Guide will be with you to give you all the information you need about the area and wherever is needed, transport on a minibus is organized.

The best season for walking at Meteora is Spring and Autumn. If you visit the area in the Summer, you will need to have a lot of water with you. You should avoid walking in the heat of the day (11.00 – 16.00). In the Winter you should also avoid areas that are very wet and slippery. You should wear the proper shoes. Please respect the holiness of the site and maintain the proper dress and behaviour.

Joining this morning hiking tour you witness nature at its best. The views are majestic and the tour leaders will make sure that you enjoy every moment following the paths, while they tell you the history and tales of the area.
The hiking tour of Meteora is the best way to experience this historic site and geological mystery. On this tour you will walk through paths which only locals know. Follow the trails taken by the first hermits and monks to settle in Meteora in the 9th Century AD.

The tour begins from the Doupiani rock, right under the remains of the Pantokrator monastery. We continue through the sandstone hills and move to the north side of Meteora. There we visit the Ypapanti monastery and the remains of St. Dimitrius Monastery. The tourv includes visits to 2 monasteries: the Ypapanti monastery from the inside (it is open until October)

PRICE 25.00 € p.p.

* Modern air-conditioned bus
* Pick up and drop off from your Hotel
* English speaking tour leader
* Stop at the right spot for sunset photos
* Learn about local customs, legends and history
* Visit the nunnery of Roussanou, or, the nunnery of St. Stephen's
* Visit the Byzantine church of Virgin Mary in Kalampaka, and
* the cave dwellings at Badovas

- 3.00 € p.p., the entrance fee to each nunnery, and
- 2.00 € p.p., the entrance fee to the church of Mother Mary

Visit Grand Meteoro or Varlaam monastery, Visit the Ypapanti monastery (when it's open), Certified Hiking Guide, Hotel Pick up / Drop off, Free Meteora Map

Entrance fees to the Monastery (3.00 €), Meals and soft drinks.

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