Delphi + Arachova

(1) One-day guided tour from Athens. Explore site and museum
adult: € 69 + entry fees
  • Museum
    + site
  • 10 Hours
  • Tour Guide


DELPHI is one of Greece's premier attractions
easily visited on a day trip from Athens.


Apollo had chosen the best spot to build his sanctuary and temple.
The sheer magnificence and grandeur of the location of the site strikes you.
Below the site, a valley ringed by mountains, provides breathtaking views.
It is a vigorous hike to the highest parts to reach the theater and the stadium.

The museum of Delphi houses hundreds of votive offerings.

You can visit the temple of Athena Pronaiea known as tholos, located with the gymnasium at the lower part of the sanctuary below the road.
Skip lunch and visit it. The bus will pick you on the return.

07:30 - Start the pick up service
08:30 - Depart from the terminal
11:30 - After a short stop near Levadia, arrive in Delphi.
11:45 - With the guide visit the sanctuary + the museum
14:00 - Drive to a local restaurant for lunch. Lunch costs 15 € extra
15:00 - Start the return to Athens. Short stop at Arachova.
18:45 - Arrive in the centre of Athens.

  • the temple of Apollo
  • the treasury of Athenians,
  • the stoa of the Athenians
  • the Sibyl rock
  • the Pythian stadium
  • the ancient theatre
  • votives to god Apollo
  • the Siphnian Treasury
  • the navel of the earth
  • The statues of 2 Kouroi
  • the column of 3 dancers
  • the statue of Antinoos
  • the famous Charioteer
  • the Sphinx of Naxos
We have secured the best deals and offer you the best price.
- Nov-Mar: 69 + 8 entry fee = 77 €
- Apr-Oct: 69 + 15 entry fee = 84 €
Lunch = 15 € extra per person (3 plates meal)

  • Pick up/drop off service
  • Air-conditioned bus
  • Licensed Tour guide
  • Entrance fees

For detailed description using a laptop visit Astoria travel-Tour to Delphi

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