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OLYMPIA - A place you must visit.

One day & Two day "unique" Landtours

OLYMPIA, a place of living pilgrimage especially for the people involved with athletics, is one of the sites that must be included in any itinerary of Greek sightseeing. To overcome the difficulty of visiting Olympia on your own we organise two day tours on a mini bus. The drive from Athens to Olympia is nearly 4 hours, which makes possible the one day tour, leaving early in the morning from Athens and returning late at night. The modern town of Olympia is well suited to cater to the visitors with nice hotels and plenty of restaurants.

Olympia is basically a one street town. The tourist information office, on the way to the ancient site, is officially open daily. In summer from 9.00 to 22.00, and in winter from 11.00 to 18.00. You can find maps and get all sorts of information needed (tel. 26240 23100 or 26240 23125).

Before going to the ruins, stop at the archeological museum. Check out the model of the complex, what the buildings at the Olympia site looked like in all their glory. The museum is one of the most important archaeological museums in Greece. The new museum, constructed in 1975, opened in 1982, re-exhibiting its treasures. Its collections contain: - A collection of terracottas (prehistoric, Archaic and Classical periods). - A collection of bronzes. - A collection of sculptures (Archaic upto the Roman periods). - A collection from the Olympic Games. It hosts further a gorgeous collection of things found at Olympia ? birds and animals in fantastic shapes, bronze helmets, Gorgon shields, scads of little tiny votive figures found around the altar of Zeus. Plus the exquisite statue Hermes of Praxiteles (holding a little tiny Dionysius), and lovely draped ladies in Roman statues, sections of the magnificent frieze from the Temple of Zeus ? legends of the Twelve Labours of Hercules and the Battle of the Lapiths and Centaurs.
Walking through the ancient site, see the Palestra, The workshop of Phedias, the Leonidaion - a luxury 5 star hotel for important guests, The Temple of Zeus, The Stadium and other monuments.
The entance fee is 6.00 euro for the museum and 6.00 for the site, OR, 9.00 euro for a combined ticket for both of them.

Walking back from the ancient site to Olympia town, at the top of the hill you will find the museum of the history of the games (free entrance) and in the middle of the main Street at Olympia Town and two blocks above, there is the Olympic Games museum ( 2.00 euro entrance).

One day and two day tours to Olympia
For small teams of 5 - 7 persons, we organise 1 & 2 day tours, visiting: Epidaurus, Nafplion, Mycenae and Ancient Olympia. You can visit Olympia in a one day tour, or a two day tour making different combinations. During the hot summer days we suggest a 2 day tour spending one day at the premises of the Deluxe ALDEMAR OLYMPIAN Village, near Olympia. This is a "UNIQUE" astoria travel tour.



2008 DISCOUNTED RATES for Olympia hotels, (prices per person including breakfast).

Hotel INOMAOS ( 2 star), 27.50 euro per person in double bedroom or 37.00 in single.
Hotel KRONION ( 3 star), 34.00 euro per person in double bedroom or 50.00 in single.
Hotel ILIS or NEW OLYMPIA (3 star), 37.00 per person in double room or 50.00 in single.
Hotel OLYMPION ASTY (4 star), 46.00 per person in double room or 70.00 in single
Hotel ANTONIOS (4 star), 48.00 euro per person in double bedroom or 64.00 in single.

This is your only chance to see so much in a short time.

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