Argolis - 1 day tour

Visit Mycenae & Epidaurus
for 59 € + entrance fees
  • 2 Sites
    2 Museums
  • 10 hours
  • Guide
  • English


Apr-Oct: Tue-Wed-Thu-Sat
Nov-Mar: Tue-Thu-Sat

Visit Corinth canal-Mycenae-Nafplion-Epidaurus

Mycenae is an essential stop in a trip to Greece drawing huge crowds.
We all sell exactly the same tours at different prices. Why pay more?


- 07:30 The pick up service starts and brings clients to the terminal.
- 08:45 Departure from the terminal and drive to Corinth Canal (short stop)
- 10:15 Proceed to mythical Mycenae, a city rich in gold according to Homer
- 12:30 Optional lunch in a restaurant at Mycenae and
- Depart for Nafplion, the town at the base of Palamidi fortress (photo stop).
- Continue to Epidaurus and visit the famous for its acoustics Theatre
- Return to Athens on the coastal road connecting Epidaurus and Corinth.


  • the Corinth canal
  • the Lions gate in Mycenae
  • the cyclopean walls
  • the royal tombs
  • the Palace of Mycenae
  • the cistern of Mycenae
  • the escape gate of Orestis
  • golden jewelery of Myceneans
  • copy of the mask of Agamemnon
  • The tomb of Atreus
  • the theatre of Epidaurus
  • the sanctuary of Asclepius
  • the statue of Asclepius
  • the medical tools of the priests
PRICE with entrance to Mycenae & Epidaurus:
Nov-Mar: NO lunch 59 + 12 = 71€
Apr-Oct: NO lunch 59 + 24 = 83€
E.U. juniors <26 all year round walk in free of charge. Lunch in Mycenae = 10€

  • Pick up/drop off service
  • Air-conditioned buses
  • Professional tour guide
  • Entrance fees

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