Afternoon tour to Sounio(n) for 33.00E

Sounion  - Half day (Afternoon)
From April - October, organized daily. Departure: 15:00 – Return: 19:00
From Nov 1 - Mar 31 On Mon / Wed / Fri & Sat. Departure half hour earlier
Price Adult / Child: See our prices.  
Beautiful drive, along the coastal road past the beautiful sandy beaches of GLYFADA, VOULIAGMENI, VARKIZA and the countless coves, one has a splendid view of the Saronic Gulf.
Crowning feature of the tour is Cape SOUNION, dominated by the spectacular Temple of POSSEIDON overlooking the Aegean sea.
Words cannot describe a place that calms you down, feel nostalgic, and makes you enjoy the sunset like never before. Before building a temple, the ancient Greeks would always consider the energetic properties of the land, and Sounion Temple is literally a battery charger. You admire this beautiful temple, the location, and the set up. A place that makes you reminisce the splendour of Ancient Greece!
Walk around the temple, find a spot on a rock and renew all your body's energy flows. You will feel brand new for weeks after.
Look closer at the engravings on the rocks to find famous names such as Lord Byron and many others. Those engravings were made back then when travelling was a privilege of the very few and going places was a long journey so marking the spot was a must. Forbidden today for obvious reasons but the older markings contain secretive traces of more recent history.
Embrace and inhale the views and the history. Beautiful colours at sunset, and the imposing Temple of Poseidon at the top of the hill. A temple on the sea! with views that magnetize! The vastness of the sea enchants. A feeling of fullness and uniqueness springs from everywhere.
Learn the Greek myth of the Cretan Minotaur, the Athenian hero Thesseus, and his father Aegeus, after whom the Aegean sea was named.
This afternoon drive can also be organised as a private tour on a taxi, in order to enjoy the famous Sounion sunset.

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