In the 4 hour afternoon SUNSET TOUR, organized by our colleague in Kalampaka, you will,

Starting around 16.00 the tour will take you to places that only the locals know. Enjoy amazing views, learn about the history, and traditions of the place. High up on the rocks, inside the caves, you will see the 1,000 years old Bandovas' hermitages, and learn the history of a very old Byzantine church, one of the oldest churches in Greece, the Dormition of Mother Mary in Kalampaka. A very old church, built on the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to god Apollo.

The tour will take you to enjoy panoramic views and to the perfect spot of Meteora to capture the most beautiful sunset you could ever see. And when the sun begins to touch the back of the distant mountains, all you hear is the silence, and at that moment you understand why Meteora was chosen by the monks to build the monasteries here. Simply by gazing at this landscape you unconsciously perform an act of meditation, meditating on the beauty and awe of all creation. 


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Since January 24, 2010

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