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When in Greece plan to visit the following sites:

  • Athens: You should give it at least 4 days. In your City Tour include: Acropolis, the Agora and The Archaeological Museum.
  • Attica sites: Sounion – Amphiareion – Marathon.
  • Cruise of three Greek Islands near Athens - Egina, Hydra & Poros, in a one day cruise.
  • Delphi:is not only the striking World Heritage home of Apollo, Dionysus, the oracle and varied stone treasures, but also a spectacular clifftop village. Visit the museum first and afterwards the site. Do not miss the Oracle - Sanctuary of Apollo - Sacred Way - Museum.
  • Meteora: and the cliff top monasteries. Sit on a very high rock and enjoy the view.
  • Thessaloniki - City Tour including: the Archaeological Museum - the church of Agios Dimitrios and the church of Agia Sofia.
  • Vergina: Philippos’ (Great Alexander’s father) tombs.
  • Corinth: Ancient city ruins - Acrocorinth.
  • Nafplion: The old town, once the capital of Greece; An area that resembles but is a lot bigger than Plaka.
  • Mycenae: Birthplace of the Mycenean civilisation.
  • Epidaurus: The Amphitheatre - The Asklepieion site and the museum.
  • Monemvasia: The castle rock island.
  • Mystras: The fortress town; remnants of lost civilisation.
  • Pylos: and the Palace of King Nestor.
  • Olympia: The Temple of Zeus - The Original Olympic stadium and the Olympia Museum.
  • Crete: Knossos, Heraklion Archaelogical Museum, Phaestos, the CretAquarium, Matala, Chania and the Samaria gorge.
  • Thira: The volcano, The Akrotiri site, Oia sunset.
  • Rhodes: The Old Town of Rhodes.
  • Zagoria: This area boasts superb views as well as a collection of traditional villages - known as Zagorohoria - built mainly out of slate. Traveller's favourites are: Papingo, Monodendri and Tsepelovo. There are two hiker's delights, well-forested, the Vikos-Aoos National Parkand the 10km Vikos Gorge.

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