Do you want to taste fine wines?

A popular One Day Tour, between the connoisseurs, and not only!!!

The ancient Greeks, even, had a god for the wine, the parties and the dancing, and he was, the illegitimate child of Zeus, Dionysus.

Today, Greece has enviable vineyards to display, estates with state of the art facilities, ageing cellars and surprisingly fine wines.
Peloponnesus with 60,000 hectares of vineyards is the largest viticulture region in Greece. We travel to the region of Nemea, where the red varieties abound. Experience the splendid scenery of the Nemea Wine lands. This tour will take you to the legendary and historical valley of ancient Nemea, the place where according to mythology Heracles killed the “lion of Nemea”. The Nemea Wine lands are well known for the awarded winning wines and natural beauty that abound all around. Excavations of the ancient Nemea site, brought to light seeds, proving that these wine lands were cultivated for over 3000 years. Today, nearly 20 wineries work with the wide range of Agiorgitiko variety.

08.00 am: Pick up from your hotel and drive to the “island of Pelops”.

09.15 am: Arrive at Corinth canal (short stop)

09.45 am: Follow the steps of Heracles, the semi god, son of Zeus and Alcmene, and at 10.30 am arrive in legendary, Nemea.
Next to the archaeological site of Nemea, we find the PALIVOS ESTATE, a small but hospitable winery. The winery operated as a traditional winery with an old wine press, until 1995. Since then, it has totally changed, modernized, and now successfully produces wine, made of grapes of the Agiorgitiko, Roditis and Malagouzia varieties, as well as, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah.
Every year, over 4,500 wine lovers, visit the winery. Wines worth tasting include the white and red versions labeled “Anemos”, the fine rose “Vissino”, the full bodied Agiorgitiko “Ammos”, and the complicated labeled “Stone Hills”. Finally, the “Terra Leone” with six different labels also deserves tasting.

11.30 am. Following the footsteps of Heracles, we drive to Argos, and visit the Papantonis’ winery. In 1993, they produced the wine “Meden Agan”, their first vintage of 2,500 bottles. Today, the Papantonis vineyard consists of 20 acres, planted after extreme research. The estate is located at an altitude of 320m, in an ideal microclimate for growing the most exquisite varieties of grapes for the production of the multi-prized long term maturing wine “Meden Agan” and the sweet wine named “Lysimelis”.
The soil is sandy clay with unique draining properties allowing the slow maturity of the grapes. This combination provides an optimum environment for Agiorgitiko which is renowned for its excellent wine producing characteristics.
The Papantonis’ winery, located in the city of Argos, 15km from the family vineyard, has been implementing the ISO quality management system and the HACCP system since March 2001.

Your tour may finish here. You can choose and we either return to Athens, stay and have lunch at an unexpectedly nice restaurant in the ancient Nemea town, or, continue, have lunch and spend the 3 - hours at, as it is generally accepted, one of Greece’s most beautiful cities, Nafplion (highly recommended), returning to Athens at +/- 20.00

The price depends on the duration of the tour and the number of passengers. If you are interested, please, send us a message and ask us.