Choose one of our suggested hotels and book at least 4 nights,
you may gain, anything between 5-10% from the price of your tours.
However, you may choose any hotel, (3 stars and up), in the area we call, municipality of Athens.
Get a quotation, but let us try and beat it. Eventually you 'll gain a small %.
Whatever happens, you won't pay more than the price you have been quoted.

Hotel AMALIA, central, 4 star
Hotel AMAZON, central, 3 star
Hotel ARETHUSA, central, 3 star
Hotel ATHENS' GATE, central, 4 star
Hotel DIVANI PALACE, near Acropolis, 5 star
Hotel ELECTRA, central, 4 star
Hotel HERMES, central, 3 star
Hotel HERODION, near Acropolis, 4 star
Hotel MELIA, central, 4 star
Hotel PHILIPPOS, near Acropolis, 3 star
Hotel PLAKA, central, 3 star
Hotel ROYAL OLYMPIC, central, 5 star
Hotel TITANIA, central, 4 star
Hotel AIROTEL PARTHENON, central, 4 star
Hotel MAGNA GRECIA, central, 4 star
Hotel PAN, central, 3 star
Hotel OMIROS, central, 3 star
Hotel POLIS GRAND, central, 3 star