Delphi and Olympia.

This is a private tour.
Departure: 8:00am – Ret.: 8:00pm
Accommodation in the hotel of your choice, either in tourist or 1st class hotels

1st DAY: Driving north along the highway we arrive in Delphi. (+/- 3 hours). Visit the museum and the ancient site.
See the temple of Apollo, the theatre and the Stadium.
Drive to ITEA and have lunch in a seaside restaurant. 
Depart driving West and after crossing the bridge of Antirio - Rion we arrive at Olympia +/- 6 pm.
Rest of the evening at leisure for strolling around Olympia. Overnight.

2nd DAY: Early in the morning visit the museum and the ancient site. ( +/- 3 hours)
Have lunch and relax before taking the way back to Athens at about 4 pm. Arrival before 8 pm

The price depends on the number of passengers and the class of the hotel requested.
If you are interested, please go ahead and contact us.