One day guided tour to classical Delphi, 49.00 E for students, and 59.00 E for non-students

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Private tours from Athens

- Half day to Ancient Corinth and Loutraki
- Morning tour to Marathon and Schinias
- Sunset Sounion and the temple of Poseidon
- Morning - wine tasting and lunch in Nemea
- One day Anc Corinth, Nemea & Nafplion
- One day Delphi, Arachova & Osios Lucas
- Day tour to Corinth canal, and Olympia,
- One day anc. Messene and Nafplion,
- 1 day - Kalavryta & Cave of the lakes
- 2 day Olympia, Argolis and Nafplion (o/n).
- 2 day anc. Messene, Polylimnio & Pylos
- 2 day Delphi and Meteora
- 2 days Kalavryta, Cave of the lakes, Olympia


Transfers from Athens airport

- Arrival transfer to Athens from 40.00 E
- Departure transfer from Athens 40.00 E


From April until October, this tour is organized on daily basis.
From November until March, the tour is organized on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun.

Starting from 07.30am the bus picks up clients from the hotels, brings them to the terminal in the centre of Athens, and departs from the terminal at 08.45am. Driving Northwards, and passing by the cities of THEBES, LEVADIA(short stop), and the village of Arachova, the group arrives in DELPHI, at +/- 11.30 am.

The "oracle" of Delphi was renowned for its prophetic contributions, and even kings sought its verdict on matters of importance. Follow the tour guide into the ancient site. Walk along the "sacred path", flanked by the remains of the Treasury houses, erected by the city-states to safeguard the gifts and valuable votives.

The tour continues with the Archaeological Museum of Delphi. The collection of the museum boasts many artefacts dating back to 550 B.C., reminding to the visitor of the mythical past of ancient Greece. You will see two excellent examples of Archaic statuary, Kleobis and Viton - the two kouros statues, the Naxian Sphinx, the Statue of handsome Antinoos, as well as the famous bronze statue of "The Charioteer".


At about 13.45, the group proceeds to a nearby restaurant. After a tasty lunch, the return to Athens starts with a short stop at the nearby mountain village of ARACHOVA. The village is well known for its attractive hand-woven carpets, rugs and quilts, as well as for its wine and cheese.

Arrival in Athens +/- 19.00, and end of an enjoyable day trip.


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