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Delphi & Meteora guided tour - 2 days

In this 2 day tour, our partners, are: G.O. TOURS regarding the tour services and in Kalambaka, the 3 star hotels - Kosta Famissi, or Orfeas, and the 4 star hotels Divani, or, Amalia.

One of the most popular tours this 2 day tour is organized
from November till March ONLY on Wednesdays, and
April-October, on Mon., Wed., Thu., and the selected Sat.(Click and see them)

There isn't a dull moment visiting these two memorable UNESCO sites.
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However, one day in Kalampaka may not be enough. Depart Wednesday, return Friday,
follow the guided groups on these 2 days and on Thursday, explore the area, on your own.
a) CLICK and see our tour that allows you an extra day in Kalambaka, to explore Meteora on your own,
b)or, CLICK and see our 3 days independent trip by train visiting Kalambaka and Delphi and organized daily.

The sanctuary of Apollo in Delphi

The sheer magnificence and grandeur of the location strikes you. God Apollo, had chosen the best place in the area to build his sanctuary.
Below the site, a valley with thousands of olive trees, surrounded by mountains, provides breathtaking views from any location within the site.
The temple of Apollo, the most important building dominates the sanctuary from its central position. This is where the cult rituals, including that of divination, took place. The Temple housed the Oracle of Delphi, the world's greatest source of income for a thousand years. Ancient writers mention that on the walls of the Athenean treasury, aphorisms of the seven sages, such as 'know thyself', 'Nothing in Excess' and the letter E, were inscribed.These sayings were read and pondered upon by all of the great kings, warriors and noblemen who came here for advice, giving the impression that the true wisdom of the Oracle lies not within the words of the priestess, but within the walls and everything that was founded in the sanctuary.

The history of the Meteora rocks

METEORA, an "art of Nature", is a rocky forest, designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. In 1995 the Hellenic government declared it a "sacred area", belonging to all and protected from any change or interference. The huge rocks were formed millions of years ago, from a mixture of sand, stones, pebbles and hard gravel, when the three rivers that came to the lake, brought all kinds of raw materials. The petrified pillars of METEORA are extraordinary, with horizontal stripes and strange shapes, reaching 600 m tall. What makes them even more remarkable are the exquisite monasteries, built by hermits during the 9th c. AD, at the pinnacles of the rocks. For centuries these towers of sandstone provided cliff-top retreat for the monks.

Sit at the edge of one of these massive rocks, and let your mind travel millions of years back, when the big lake covered the whole valley. As a result of a very strong earthquake, the water went into the Aegean Sea, and the lake dried out, recovering all this natural beauty that you see in front of you today.
This is the most probable explanation of how all these rocks were formed. You will confront a geological phenomenon which is universally unique, where words like, "admire, unexplainable, impressive" describe its size, only to a point.


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