One Day guided tour to Argolis - Corinth canal, Mycenae, Nafplion, the sanctuary of Asclepius & the theatre of Epidaurus. Special prices: 49.00 for students & 59.00 for non-students. No fees, No lunch.

Our prices combined with our presence in the travel market since 1926, brings us at the top.


Private tours from Athens

- Half day to St Paul's Corinth and Loutraki
- Morning tour to Marathon and Schinias
- Sunset at Sounion and the temple of Poseidon
- Wine tasting and lunch in Nemea
- One day Ancient Corinth, Nemea & Nafplion
- One day Delphi, Arachova & Osios Lucas
- Day tour to Corinth canal, and Olympia,
- One day tour to Messene and Nafplion,
- 1 day - Kalavryta & Cave of the lakes
- 2 days to Olympia, Argolis and Nafplion (o/n).
- 2 days - Messene, Polylimnio & Pylos
- 2 days - Delphi and Meteora
- 2 days - Kalavryta, Cave of the lakes, Olympia


Private transfers from Athens airport

- Arrival transfer to Athens from 40.00 euro
- Departure transfer from Athens 40.00 euro


Starting from 07.30am the bus picks up clients from the hotels, brings them to the terminal in the centre of Athens, and departs from the terminal at 08.45am. Driving Southwards, you arrive at Corinth canal, after an hour. (short stop).

Continue on the "Island of Pelops", the Peloponissos, and at +/- 11.30 am arrive at MYCENAE, one of the most significant historical monuments of Greek civilization. Mycenae was the kingdom of the mighty Agamemnon, leader of the Greek army during the Trojan war. With the tour guide, visit the remains of the ancient city, see the lions' Gate, the circle graves, the cult centre, the Palace complex on the summit of the citadel, and at the end, visit the treasury of Atreus (the largest and best preserved of the surviving "tholos" tombs). Excavations begun in 1841 but it was 33 years later that the German Archaeologist Heinrich Schlieman unearthed tombs, pieces of Palaces, golden jewelry and other relics that were mentioned by Homer, proving that what Homer was writing, was based on facts and was not just myths.

+/- 13.30 arrive in NAFPLION, capital of modern HELLAS (1828-1834), the "Grecian Venice", an old town with remarkable Venetian architecture, one of the most attractive cities in Greece.
In 2019 Tue & Thu the tour stops for lunch in Nafplion. Skip lunch and spend 1.30 hours in the paved roads of the old town, doing your souvenir shopping in the colourful small shops. Not followed Nov-Mar when sites and museums close at 15.00

15.00 After lunch continue to EPIDAURUS. Here, you will visit, the sanctuary of the god of medicine, Asclepius. The priests of the sanctuary, were excellent doctors. Psychotherapy, hydrotherapy and brain surgery were some of the treatments performed here. The management of the sanctuary decided to spend money for the entertainment of the patients. Between 340-330 BC, they decided to assign a local architect, Polykleitos, to build a theatre. The amphitheatre of Epidaurus, famous for its remarkable acoustics and symmetrical beauty, the most perfect theatre of Ancient Greece, is a well preserved monument, still in use today during the " Summer Athens' Festival".
Read my description of the great theatre in the left column.

Departure via the scenic coastal road, and arrival in Athens at +/- 19.00.


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