St. Paul's missionary journeys.
Walk in Paul's footsteps and pray on holy ground.

St. Paul's Second Missionary Journey ( Acts: 15:36-4;16-18 AD 49-51 )

In his second journey Paul accompanied by Silas were guided towards Troas, a popular crossing point from Asia to Europe. While in Troas, he had a vision. In his dream, he saw a man from Macedonia beseeching to come over to Macedonia to help them. Paul decided to set out by sea to preach the gospel in the region. From the Acts of Apostles, we also understand that Luke, the author of the Fourth Gospel and the writer of the Acts of Apostles joined Paul's Party. Paul and companions arrived at Neapolis (Kavala) and the city of Philippi where Paul met Lydia, a rich woman. Lydia became the first Christian in Europe since she was baptized by Paul. In Philippi, Paul was disturbed by a mentally irritated slave girl who had peculiar powers. She was healed by Paul and she and her family were baptized by Paul who was then arrested and put into a prison following complains of the owners of the girl. Paul's party continued their journey and they passed Amphipolis, Apollonia, Thessaloniki, Berrea and arrived Athens where he had a bitter argument with the philosophers of the city. Going further south to Corinth St. Paul established a powerful church. He stayed in Corinth nearly 1 year before returning to Ephesus, accompanied by Aquila and Priscilla, friends from Corinth. After Ephesus, he left for the Holy lands.

St. Paul's Third Missionary Trip (Acts 18:23-28;19-21 - AD 53-57)

When Paul started his third missionary trip he visited Ephesus where he worked 2 and half years. Planning to go to Macedonia, Paul stopped at Troas where he spent few months till the weather was suitable. Paul and his companions continued their journey to Macedonia ending the journey in Corinth and they spent nearly 18 months in Greece all together. Paul couldn't find a ship from Corinth to the Holy Lands and returned to Troas where we read about a miracle related to a young boy who fell from the window of a Roman House. Instead of taking the boat with his friends, Paul preferred to walk 20 miles over the mountains to Assos. After Assos, Paul stopped in the Aegean islands of Mytelene, Chios and Samos. Paul's boat arrived in Miletos where he met the elders of the Ephesians' Church. Everyone cried as if they knew that they wouldn't see each other after this meeting. Paul, after staying 3 days, he left for the Holy Lands.