Afternoon guided tour of Athens

Daily – Except Sundays & Mondays
Depart: 15:00, Finish: +/- 18:00  


Departing at 15.00 we visit Athens' Historical centre, the New Acropolis Museum and the Ancient Agora.
At the beginning of our tour we visit the impressive Acropolis Museum.
Admire the wonders of the classical era, the statues and the incredible art samples which at last found their proper home next to their original position.
Procced to Plaka, the old city of Athens. Walk on paved narrow streets and get the feeling that you are travelling back in time.
Pass by the monument of Lysicrates, the church of St.Nikolaos Rangavas (11th c.) and the Roman market to reach the Greek Agora.

The visit of the Agora, at the North-west slopes at the Acropolis will conclude the tour. The Agora was the heart of Ancient Athens.
With the imposing temple of Hephaistos (5th c. BC) it was the place of political gatherings and debates, elections, trading activities, theatrical performances and athletic competitions.
Here, in the central square of the agora, the Athenian hoplite, probably Pheidipides, collapsed after announcing the victory of the Athenians against the Persians in the battle of Marathon.

NB. If the Ancient Agora is closed then the Panathenaic Stadium, where the first Olympic Games of modern times were held in 1896, will be visited instead.